This is the arts project site for angie moyes of

I’m a designer, but like most designers I was an artist first, and so I like to have a personal project on the go.

I have two projects here to share, windows and my #treetwoproject.

I like to visit places, galleries, museums, country houses. As I learn a little history of the place, I like to think that I am standing in the exact place as ‘that’ person did, an artist, an historical figures, a movie star – and it makes me feel a little connected, to look on the same view, and maybe think the same thing, even if it’s when’s lunch?!

The  tree two project is where you will find a year of images of an Oak tree shown in the video below. The tree grows on a bridle path, which crosses through agricultural land. You can see the land ploughed and drilled, and just how long it takes to grow a crop of wheat. Perhaps you’ll appreciate that sandwich, or slice of toast a bit more when you can see its beginnings. From September, the end of summer 2015 through to August 2016 on every day that I walked my dogs – I took a picture of tree two that grows about 50m behind tree one. Each month impacts differently on the land. The length of days changing means that in the winter I am there at dawn, so the weather is not only different, but the light too.

Please leave your contact email if you would like to hear about other projects as they go on the site.

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